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BoiseWiFi Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider Better Internet for Business

Want Better Business Internet?
+ Better latency
+ Better reliability
+ Better price
+ Better productivity

Fixed Wireless Internet
connects two or more points with the fastest
most reliable lowest cost solution.

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BoiseWiFi offers business grade point to point fixed wireless broadband Internet starting at $4 per Mb

BoiseWiFi is an excellent choice for your primary business Internet service or as your backup, redundant,

load- balance, failover, guest or conference room Wi-Fi Internet solution. Scalable from 30 Mbs to 2 Gbs.


BoiseWiFi is Faster than Fiber and Better for Business Internet Service.

Internet solutions for Business, Enterprise, Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Conference Rooms, Public Access, Public Safety Internet & Guest WiFi.


BoiseWiFi Internet for Business August 2017 PDF


BoiseWiFi Fixed Wireless

1. What is Fixed Wireless Internet?
2. 5 Reasons for Fixed Wireless
3. Are You 5G Ready?
4. So You Think Fiber is Fast?
5. Faster Internet = More Profit
6. Faster Internet for your Boise Business
7. Take Idaho from Worst to First
8. Introducing BoiseWiFi 5G
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Point Microwave Wireless Broadband Internet Access Solutions Boise Meridian Eagle Kuna Idaho Ultra High Speed Internet Access The Boise WiFi Network Providers of Ultra-High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet Boise Idaho

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Finally, the Internet you deserve is Here.

Affordable, reliable, high speed Internet is available locally right where you need it./a>

Welcome to the worlds fastest growing network; your new choice for high speed Internet.

Your Business Can't Wait for fast Internet. "The Future Can't Wait for fast Internet." It is here now waiting for you.

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What can faster Internet do for you?

For your business? For your school? For your industry/strong>?

Where do you need FASTER Internet?

"Faster Internet = Smarter, Happier, More Productive People"

BoiseWiFi Business Internet Solutions

Does your business need faster Internet?

  Does your business need more bandwidth?


Does your business need a guest network?


"BoiseWiFi is an excellent choice as your primary Business Internet service or as your

backup, redundant, failover, public guest or conference room Wi-Fi Internet solution"


Scalable to 2 Gbs.


"Faster than Fiber, Better for Business"


What can BoiseWiFi do to help with your Business Internet Needs?


How about an increase in productivity & your bottom line?


"Faster Internet = Smarter, Happier, More Productive People = $$$"


Read this article: "How Faster Internet profits for your business" Your Local Idaho Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP

The Boise WiFi Network is all about You.

Faster Internet = Happier Customers 



Welcome to

Let's Talk about having " Internet your way".


Does your current Business Internet solution really meet your needs?


Is it Fast enough?
Priced right?
Enough capacity?
Where you want it?
Streams your Media?
Sounds great?
All your devices connect easily?
Do you Love it?


If you were able to check all the boxes; you're probably good for now.

If not, we have a solution for you!


( "metered"") 

What is "Scalable" Internet?

Speeds from 30 to 2 Gb/s; Capacity from light use to Maxed out.

Simply put, you decide how fast and how much.

We work to provide you with twice as much, for less .

An average business with 50 Mb/s pays $ 200 / month.



Boise WiFi - Simple, 

Scalable, Ultra Fast Internet Access

Simple, Scalable, Ultra Fast Interent Access


Ultra Fast Wireless Internet, Where you want it.

Do you want price? $120, $200, $400 ?

Do you want speed? 30 Mbs to 2 Gbs or more?

Do you need more bandwidth? 10 Gb to 500 Gb / mo?

or All of the Above?

Simple, Scalable, Ultra Fast Internet Access.



Where do you WiFi?

Check your address HERE.

Email us for more info? Faster Internet = Smarter, Happier, More Productive People, Boise WiFi Ultra Fast High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet Access and Internet BoiseWiFi Network New Logos BoiseWiFi Network New Logos


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